and Benefits

1. Holistic odor control: functions to prevent microbe-derived odor while adsorbing select, common human odors to maintain textile freshness

2. Smart control: binds silver sufficiently to enable 50 home launderings, longer-term efficacy, and improved cost-to-treat

3. Broad spectrum activity: controls numerous odor-causing microorganisms which can accumulate in textiles and fibers from skin contact and laundering

4. Improved fabric color stability down to pH 4.5

5. Thermally stabile: tolerance up to 180°C during drying over the course of minutes.

6. Applicable to natural and synthetic fibers via spray, pad, and exhaustion

7. Compatible with a broad range of woven and non-woven additives, including fluorocarbon chemicals, softeners, anti-wrinkle resins, ets.

8. Maintains aesthetics of the fabric

9. Dermatological tested; treated articles have outstanding skin tolerance

“Living in a city, I usually take the bus or train to go to work and having the PRO SHIELD mask with me makes me feel a lot less anxious about siting in tight spaces other people.”